You want the best for your dog, and that means time spent with his or her four legged friends, whether it’s down at the park, bouncing along the beach, or just a walk around the block to the cafe. Social interaction is a hugely important aspect of your dog’s health and wellbeing, and it’s not always easy to synchronise your schedule with the owners of other dogs. With BARKLIFE, making your dog’s life as happy and healthy as can be is only ever a click away.


BARKLIFE is an iPhone application designed to connect dog owners, like you, with other dog owners, like us, so that you can see if dogs you know, and dogs you don’t know yet, are at the park (or the beach!) without having to sacrifice all of your personal information (like your mobile number, your personal email, or your Facebok profile). With map integration, instant messaging, and a simple, intuitive interface, Barklife makes your life easier, and your dog’s life happier.

We’ve worked hard with an amazing team of designers, developers, councils, and most importantly, dog owners like you to develop the most extensive database of parks and beaches where dogs are welcome in Australia built into an application that is easy to use, has no ongoing cost, doesn’t harvest your personal information (or even ask for it!), and has no ads. Barklife is all about making it easy for you to make your dog’s life social, happy, healthy, and fun.

Once you set your dog’s profile with their name, breed, age, suburb, and a photo, you can start to connect with other dogs. With your connections set, you can choose to receive notifications when your Barkbuds are at the park, search nearby (or far away) to see if there are Barkbuds you haven’t met yet, and even find a new park or beach if you want to change your outlook. Download the app today and check it out for yourself, you’ll love being a Barkbud and your dog will love you for it.


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