Navigating Barklife

  • 1 Touching on the top left icon in the green bar tab will show you the menu list.


  • 1 Touch the top left menu icon and select “Feeds” from the menu; The “Feeds” page shows your Barkbuds recent activity.
  • 2 Select your Barkbud’s name to be taken to their profile.
  • 3 Touch the name of the park they have checked into to view the park’s details.
  • 4 To Check in to a park, touch on the middle icon in the green menu bar. A map and park list will appear on screen to show parks starting from closest to you.
  • 1 If you are checking in to a park that is not shown on the map, scroll down on the list to bring up more parks. Each scroll will show 10 more parks and beaches on the map.
  • 2 Can’t find the park you are looking for on the map? Simply enter it in the search field.
  • 3 The dog icon’s mouth will be open when you have new notifications. Click on the icon when the dog is barking to see your notifications.
  • 1 The blue shaded corner details whether your notifications are messages or friend requests.

Parks & Beaches


From the menu list select “Parks and Beach Info”, this will show you a list of parks, starting with those nearest to you.


  • 1 Click on the name of the park to be taken to a map view.
  • 2 The paw icon shows how many barkbuds are at the park.
  • 3 The dog icon shows how many barklifers are currently at the park.
  • 4 The star icon when in blue indicates your favourite park.

Once you have clicked on a park from the list, you will see the park details.


  • 1 If the star is coloured blue, it means this is your favourite park.
  • 2 Touch on the up arrow to bring up a list of which barkbuds are currently at the selected park.
  • 1 Click on the back button at anytime to take you back to the parks list.
  • 2 Touch on the down arrow to minimise the list of barkbuds currently at the selected park.
  • 3 You can “thumb up” or “thumb down” good and bad dogs at the park, only you and your secondary user can see this rating.
  • The green ring indicates that the selected park has been confirmed dog friendly.
  • The blue ring indicates that the selected park has not yet been confirmed dog friendly or non dog friendly.
  • The red ring indicates that the selected park has been confirmed non dog friendly.
  • An orange ring indicates that the park is dog friendly, but that there are restrictions you should be aware of.



From the menu list, when you select “Barkbuds” you will be shown a list of all your dog’s friends. The name in green is the dogs name and the human’s name beneath this in grey.


You can click on a Barkbud to be taken to their profile.

  • 1 In a dog’s profile, if the eye icon is open, this Barkbud will be able to see your check ins, when it is closed your check ins will become invisible to them.
  • 2 When the dog icon is blue you will receive notifications when this Barkbud checks in to a park or beach. When it is grey, that Barkbud will be muzzled, so you will not see their check ins.
  • 3 The speech bubble icon starts a new message to this Barkbud.
  • 4 Touch on the up arrow to expand the check in history of the selected Barkbud.
  • 1 Touch on the down arrow to minimise the history list of the selected Barkbud.



This page shows all the messages you have received from your Barkbuds, including any group messages you are included in.


  • 1 Click on the + icon to start a new message.
  • 1 Once you have started a new message, a list of all of your Barkbuds will come up. Simply check the boxes for the buds you would like to include in the message, then click on “Invite” to start a new message.

This is the messaging screen.


  • 1 To go back to the dogs profile, click ‘Back’.
  • 2 To add people to the messaging group click on the plus symbol.
  • 3 To leave a group you have been added to click the ‘leave chat’ button.
  • 4 Touch on the text box for your keypad to be brought up.
  • 1 To delete a message, swipe left over the message from the list in ‘Barks’.

From the “Barks” screen, select the message group you want to open.


  • 1 To go back to the message list select “Back”.
  • 2 To add people to the message group touch the “+” button.
  • 1 Once you have chosen to add other users to the message, you will see this screen. It shows you a list of ‘Barkbuds’ that you can add to the message by checking the relevant box in the right hand colum, then touching “invite”.

Search Barklifers

  • 1 When you select “Search Barklifers” from the menu you will see this page. Simply type in the name of the dog or person you are searching for in the top toolbar and a list of Barklifers will appear.
  • 1 In your search results, you can easily tell if you are already Buds, as your existing Buds will have the Barklife logo next to their name.
  • 2 If the Barklifer is “Top Dog” of a park or beach, they will have a crown.

Simply touch on a dog name to go to their profile.

  • 1 If you want to send a Barkbud request to a Barklifer, simply touch on the “add” icon, and a request will be sent on your behalf.



When you select “Profile” from the menu you will be able to edit your dog’s profile.
You can add a picture of your dog, add your dog’s name and breed, for other barklifers to find you through the search function.


  • 1 To add a photo touch the camera icon or “Photo”. To rotate the image touch the image circle.

In your profile page you can add your first and last name and email address.



From the menu list select “Setting” to change your preferences.

Touch on the right hand side box to select or de-select your settings.


  • 1 You can choose to display your full name, first name only or hide your name to other users.


If it’s not just you and your dog in your pack, you can add your husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, housemate, best friend, dog pal, business partner, anyone (!), to your Barklife account so that they can access all of your Barkbuds, Barks, Parks just the same as you can.


  • 2 It’s really easy, just enter their email address here, and they will receive a link to set up their access.